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Amphenol West Coast

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Amphenol SAA Automotive

7117 Fieldcrest Dr.
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Shanghai Amphenol Airwave

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Amphenol Taiwan

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Amphenol offers a variety of  antennas to meet your needs.  Please view our product selection to find the right product for your application, or request a quote for a custom antenna.

  • Stubby Antennas: coil, stamping, flex base
  • Retractable Antennas: whip with coil or flex base
  • Internal Antennas:
    • Stamping on carrier or back-housing
    • Flex with clips or pogo-pins
    • Plastic Plated Carriers
    • Laser Etched Plated Technology
    • SAM: Speaker Antenna Modules
    • FGA monopole antennas: stamping 2D/3D, wire-formed, free standing on carrier or housing
  • Surface mount IFA and ceramic chip antenna for BT, WiFi and GPS
  • Quadrifilar or PIFA antennas for DBMS
  • GPS with and without LNA module and combo
  • WWAN/WLAN/MIMO/WiMAX/UWB antenna technologies for laptop
  • Access Point & Fixed Cellular Terminal antennas
  • Indoor panel antennas
  • PCMCIA EVDO with Diversity antennas
  • Two-way Radio antennas